Fern Creek Cyber  Gunsmith Shop

Offer General Gun smithing and custom Gun smithing

Bluing (Polished and Matte), Parkerizing ( Grey,Green and Black) and Electorless Nickel Plating,Rust blue,French gray,Browning,etc.

Duracoat,Gunkote,Teflon Coating in solid and camouflage colors

Stockmaking -,Refinishing,Checkering,Glass Bedding,Recoil Pad Installed,Fit and Finish Semi-inleted stocks,  Stock Duplication offered with Stockmaking from a Blank Etc

Shotgun Work - Install Choke tubes (12 Ga Tru-Choke and Win-Choke) (20 GA Win-choke),Elongate Forcing Cone (12,20,16,10) Back bore (12Ga), Hone,Polish Chambers, Install Beads etc.

Sight Work-Drill and Tap.Mount Scopes,Cut dovetails

All types of action work on rifles ,handguns,Shotguns,Cut and Crown Work, Thread barrels ,Chamber and fit barrels etc.  Bolt handle Work

Shipping is not included. Customers pays both ways.

FFL/Gun smith Discount is 20% off retail prices.
Contact for prices on parts and guns etc.
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